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Oral Surgery in Burien, WA

Dr. Calley Christie is your Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon for Seattle and surrounding communities, helping patients have a happier and healthier smile. We solve dental problems of the teeth, jaw, mouth, and face, and always educate patients first so they can make the best decision for their oral health.

Using modern technology and techniques, oral surgery is faster and more comfortable than ever. But there’s more – we make treatments more accessible by accepting Medicaid for patients under 21 years, and have translation services available upon request if prior notice is given.

Oral surgery helps treat:

  • Impacted teeth causing crowding, pain, or pathology

  • Orthodontic outcomes with surgery

  • Missing teeth with dental implants and or bone grafts

  • Facial injuries and congenital malformations

  • And more!

Dr. Christie’s expert dental care, genuine interest in your wellbeing, and anesthesia options create a relaxing, judgment-free zone at Southwest Seattle Oral Surgery. We invite you to take the next step and schedule your visit.

Sedation Dentistry

Say "goodbye" to your anxiety and "hello" to comfort.

A male patient smiling in the office

We understand dental procedures can be stressful, but we promise we’ll do everything we can to ensure you have a calm and comfortable visit.

Before the procedure, we’ll let you know exactly what to expect and offer several different sedation dentistry options.

Our options include:

  • Intravenous anesthesia (with or without nitrous oxide inhalational anesthesia)

  • Administration of prophylactic IV antibiotics, steroid, and antiemetic

  • Conscious sedation

  • Deep sedation

  • General anesthesia

Dr. Christie is fully-qualified to offer these various forms of sedation. When administering general anesthesia there are a number of protocols each patient must follow.

Protocols for anesthesia:

  • Nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours prior to the procedure.

  • Water or clear fluids can be taken up to 2 hours prior to the procedure.

  • Avoid the use of narcotics or alcohol prior to the appointment.

  • Regular medications should be taken according to your normal routine with a small sip of water.

  • If you are diabetic avoid taking insulin prior to the appointment and ask for a morning appointment.

  • If you are taking blood thinners you should be scheduled for consultation prior to surgery, consultation with your prescribing doctor may be necessary.

  • If you are asthmatic please bring your inhaler to your appointment.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Get pain relief as we make space for smile development.

The hand of a dentist pointing to x-rays

Wisdom teeth often serve no function in chewing and can cause crowding, which can lead to damage of adjacent teeth, as well as potentially severe infections. Additionally, tumors and cysts of the jaws most often arise from the wisdom teeth. For many, prophylactic removal of the wisdom teeth is a wise choice.

We perform comfortable wisdom teeth extractions through various sedation options and promote faster healing with our advanced dental techniques.

The hand of a dentist pointing to x-rays

Dental Implants

America’s number one tooth replacement solution.

Female patient sitting in the dentist chair and smiling

Missing teeth make it hard to eat, speak, and smile, plus contribute to jawbone deterioration. Dental implants are a great solution to this problem as they help prevent and mitigate bone loss by mimicking the root of your natural teeth.

Dr. Christie is certified to place dental implants with precision and skill to help you regain functionality of a tooth as well as enhancing the aesthetics. They look and feel natural, and are custom made to perfectly match your existing teeth in shape, size, and color.

Through the use of modern technology, we are able to make the process of extraction and placement efficient and comfortable. Whether you need single or multiple implants, Dr. Christie is able to help you regain your full smile once again.

  • Sinus Lifts, Bone Grafts, and Extractions
    Some patients may not have enough surrounding jawbone to place an implant successfully, however, this is not a problem! Our doctor is able to perform sinus lift augmentation/grafts to restore your sinus cavity and replace any potential bone loss from the enlarged sinus. Upon healing of the graft, he will be able to place the dental implant.

    Bone grafting is another issue that some patients may need if they don’t have enough stable bone to support the implant. Dr. Christie can perform a bone graft to place material giving the jaw the necessary bone to stabilize the implant.

    Once your extractions and / or grafts have healed, the implant(s) can be placed successfully. Dr. Christie will then put you back in the care of your regular dentist who will then finish the restoration process.


Carefully removing your tooth for the good of your oral health.

A man looking at a mirror checking his smile

While dentists strive to save natural teeth, if a tooth is decayed or damaged beyond repair, then a tooth extraction is needed.

Other reasons for extractions include orthodontic preparation for more room, mouth trauma, root fracture, or a failed endodontic treatment.

Extractions are faster and easier than ever with the use of anesthesia, plus gentle dental techniques, ensuring your comfort from start to finish.

A man looking at a mirror checking his smile

Surgery to Complement Orthodontic Treatment

Preparing the path for a straighter smile.

A patient with her mouth open so the dentist can work

Your orthodontist may decide that to achieve a more balanced and harmonious smile with the size of your jaws that some teeth should be removed to create room to straighten the teeth or allow other more important impacted teeth to erupt such as the canines.…Opens a new window to YouTube…

Impacted teeth within the jaws can be loosened and bracketed to facilitate eruption of that tooth, sometimes in conjunction with removing another tooth that may be in the way.

Orthodontic treatment can be accelerated by surgically modifying the bone around your teeth, creating the possibility of achieving the smile you desire in a fraction of the time.

We use anesthesia for a painless procedure and a comfortable visit, and walk you through the process even before we begin.

Cyst & Tumor Removal

Safely removing cysts or tumors with care and expertise.

A girl in the dentist chair smiling

Dr. Christie is not only trained in the extraction of teeth, but also the removal of cysts and tumors in the mouth. Cysts can develop for a variety of reasons, including genetic conditions, crowded or improperly formed teeth, or as a result of dead tissue or bone in the mouth.

Maintaining optimal oral health is key to overall total body wellness. Should your general dentist find a spot or area of concern, they may refer you to an oral surgeon for a second opinion and/or to have it removed.

Once the area of concern has been removed through a small incision and local anesthetic, the specimen will be sent over for evaluation. Dr. Christie will ensure the results are communicated and help you to take the next steps should there be any additional post-op care.

A girl in the dentist chair smiling
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We look forward to creating your renewed smile and improved oral health!

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