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Once you have booked your appointment, please fill out your paperwork before your visit.

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We welcome you to Southwest Seattle Oral Surgery!

To help make your appointment a smooth process and help you save time, we offer our secure, new patient forms online. Whether you’ve booked directly or have been referred to us, we’ll help you get started.

If you have any questions, please call our office directly. We’re happy to assist during the registration process and help make your visit as convenient as possible from start to finish.


Our team at Southwest Seattle Oral Surgery believes in giving the community better access to high-quality dental care through a variety of payment options. To help make the cost of treatment more manageable, we offer several ways to finance your procedure:


We take every step to help you maximize your insurance benefits and verify your medical or dental coverage prior to starting treatment. Southwest Seattle Oral Surgery accepts different types of dental insurance coverage, including:

Helpful Downloads

We want to guide you to the best experience before, during, and after your visit.

Our expert oral surgeon, Dr. Calley Christie has put together some helpful guidelines so you can maximize your family’s treatment at our office.

You can download them today!

Step into comfort while we restore the foundation of your oral health.

‘‘I got my wisdom teeth removed by Dr.Christie and his assistant, and this was the best treatment I have received from any healthcare professional ever! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone! I felt so safe, and the procedure was quick; I loved it.’’

Alexa H.

Your First Visit

Alleviate your nerves by discovering what a typical appointment looks like with Dr. Calley Christie.

Dr. Christie explaining an x-ray to a patient

Oral surgery doesn’t sound fun, we know (and we’re not offended). But realizing just how life-changing a procedure may be for the look and feel of your smile is well worth the visit!

Each procedure at Southwest Seattle Oral Surgery is completed under the close supervision of our highly trained staff, who work closely with you from the moment you sign up for a consultation or receive a referral from your dentist.

Your first appointment will be brief and includes:

  • Dr. Christie getting to know you, your needs, and your concerns.

  • Our team assessing and discussing which procedure is best to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Our fun, family-friendly oral surgeon creating a relaxing office atmosphere for a pleasant experience!

We look forward to helping you restore your smile!

Dr. Christie explaining an x-ray to a patient
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Convenient care producing quality outcomes.

We accept referrals from general dentists…Opens a new window to the form… and direct bookings from patients. Please fill out the form or contact us using any of the options below.

Phone: 909-639-8166

Fax: 909-301-4001


Don’t speak English? No problem. We have 3rd party translation services available upon request and prior notice.

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