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Calley Christie, DMD

Helping you gain better wellness and a healthy smile.

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Dr. Calley Christie grew up in the greater Seattle area and chose oral surgery out of an interest in helping others. His first career as an educator plus his combined love of science, medicine, and psychology, have all shaped him into the caring dental specialist he is today.

The best part of his job is helping to prevent discomfort and complications associated with dental issues, and treating the problem at hand. This helps ensure patients look and feel their best, and it’s all done in a painless and comfortable way with the power of anesthesia.

Dr. Christie believes that trust is essential to giving serenity as we navigate all of the dangers inherent in our lives. Placing your trust in his expertise is what allows him to give you a comfortable experience.

Outside of the office, Dr. Christie loves spending time with his family outdoors and hiking throughout the country, including the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

He also supports his local community through charities including Treehouse, Youthcare, and Wellspring.


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  • Oral Surgery Residency 2014 – John H. Stroger Hospital, Cook County
  • Oral Surgery Internship 2010 – Louisiana State University
  • General Practice Residency 2009 – Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, Brooklyn
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine 2008 – Tufts University Honors: Tufts Merit Scholarships
  • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry 2002 – University of Washington (Additional minors in math, physics, chemistry, and musical performance)
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  • Practiced dentistry in Illinois and throughout Washington before opening his practice
  • Opened Southwest Seattle Oral Surgery in 2020
  • General anesthesia experience and licensed with an active permit
‘‘Omg, where to start! Dr. Christie was AWESOME! His assistant was very polite and so courteous with helping me get my son into the car after the procedure. Both of them helped make my son feel comfortable (as of course, he was very nervous).’’

Kay A.

Why See an Oral Surgeon?

Learn about the benefits our specialist can provide to you and your oral health.

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Pain Relief
Whether it’s a serious tooth infection, facial injury, wisdom teeth, or TMJ disorder, an oral surgeon can help diagnose and treat pain in the mouth caused by teeth or jaw problems. Using anesthesia, the procedure is painless.
Dr. Christie explaining to a patient her x-rays
Restore your mouth function after experiencing tooth damage, tooth loss, impacted teeth, or suffering from a congenital formation. An oral surgeon offers personalized care to correct your unique oral needs.
Dr. Christie speaking with a patient who is sitting in the dentist chair
When you look your best, you feel your best. From extractions for braces, dental implants for missing teeth, to reconstructive surgery for facial injuries or congenital conditions, an oral surgeon helps create your beautiful smile.
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