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Your Oral Surgeon in Burien, WA

Welcome to Southwest Seattle Oral Surgery, where your health is our number one priority. Led by Dr. Calley Christie, our team strives to help you achieve quality results with convenient and comfortable oral and maxillofacial care.

Dr. Christie uses his advanced training and expertise to help with:

  • Surgery to Complement

  • Placing Dental Implants
    & Bone Grafts

  • Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • Oral Pathology / Biopsies

Step into comfort while we restore the foundation of your oral health.

Meet Dr. Calley Christie

Guiding you to a healthier smile.

Dr. Christie with a blue shirt with the logo of Southwest Seattle Oral Surgery

‘‘Trust is essential to giving us serenity as we navigate all of the dangers inherent in our lives. Placing your trust in me is what allows me to give you a comfortable experience. Place your trust in me and I will give you a calm, professional experience.

Dr. Calley Christie is both an oral surgeon and a genuine family man. He combines his expertise with real compassion and concern whenever you visit our practice. You can feel confident in the expert care Dr. Christie provides, and the credentials he has acquired through his advanced training, including:

  • Certified Oral Surgeon

  • Licensed to offer general anesthesia

  • Member of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery organizations

Learn more about our Oral Surgeon today!

Dr. Christie with a blue shirt
Two pictures of DR. Christie and his family

Get the Dental Care You Need

Discover the benefits of specialty care at our comfortable and modern oral surgery practice.

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Quality Solutions
From prepping for orthodontics to replacing a missing tooth, Dr. Christie offers state-of-the-art dental treatments to help your family achieve better oral health.
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Convenient Visits
With early morning appointments, easy dental referrals, and efficient dental care, your visit to an oral surgeon has never been so easy. Experience the benefits of our specialized treatment without any disruption to your lifestyle.
Father and daugther smiling
Comfortable Experience
Many people feel intimidated when referred to an oral surgeon, but at Southwest Seattle Oral Surgery, we go the extra mile to ensure your comfort. With our sedation options and caring oral surgeon, everything is in place for you to have a relaxing and worthwhile visit.
Expert Treatments for Your Smile

Let us help you achieve improved and well-balanced oral health.

Icon of a tooth with a cross at the side

Surgery with Dr. Christie can help improve your orthodontic outcome.

Icon of a tooth with a little hole at the top

End tooth or facial pain with our simple and painless tooth extraction procedure.

Icon of the extraction of a tooth

Dr. Christie uses advanced technology and techniques for a safe removal.

Icon of a tooth

Replace your missing tooth or teeth with state-of-the-art dental implants.

Sedation Dentistry

With our innovative solutions, there is no need to feel nervous about your visit.

At Southwest Seattle Oral Surgery, there is no room for dental anxiety. Although you may feel a little nervous, rest assured that we perform most of our procedures using sedation dentistry. In fact, Dr. Christie is certified to administer:

  • Nitrous oxide

  • IV sedation

  • General anesthesia

You can relax as any anxious feelings drift away.

If you have any questions about these options, then please contact our office for details.

‘‘ Wonderful experience, Dr. Christie and his team are amazing. Everyone was so kind and took such good care of me. Thank you.’’



We are now open!

275 SW 160th Street Suite #115
Burien, WA 98166

Our office is located on the 1st floor Suite #115. State route 509 can be accessed via Highway 99 from either direction or via I-405 East towards Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which can be accessed from I-5 coming from either direction towards Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.


We are pleased to offer early morning appointments.

  • Monday: 7:00am – 3:00pm

  • Tuesday: 7:00am – 3:00pm

  • Wednesday: 7:00am – 3:00pm

  • Thursday: 7:00am – 3:00pm

  • Friday: 7:00am – 3:00pm


Fill out your paperwork before you even step foot into our office. Whether you’ve booked directly or have been referred, you can access your new patient forms online!

Please only complete your forms once your appointment has been confirmed by our team.


Our office accepts various payment methods and insurance, including:

  • Credit Cards

  • CareCredit

  • Medicaid (under 21 years)

Learn more about these options on the New Patients page.

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Contact Southwest Seattle Oral Surgery

Convenient care producing quality outcomes.

We accept referrals from general dentists…Opens a new window to the form… and direct bookings from patients. Please fill out the form or contact us using any of the options below.

Phone: 909-639-8166

Fax: 909-301-4001


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